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Nitto Kohki

Nitto Kohki specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of quick-connecting fluid couplings, labor-saving machine tools, linear motor driven free piston pumps and other pumps for various applications and the development, manufacture and sales of door closers.

Creating  an ideal harmony of function  and design, Nitto Kohki’s “Auto Hinges” produce a sophisticated interior appearance. The simple and compact design is achieved by unifying the arms and hinges of doors. The armless door closer has contributed a broad range of products to various kinds of opening and closing systems. Furthermore, our new type sliding closer which had been generated from people-friendly technology, recently added a series of easy-to-build products and expanded its line-up.

Horizontal Sliding Closer  is a new generation sliding door closer developed with user-friendly technologies. We propose a new style of door opening/closing. These newly developed door closers are friendly to elderly persons and children. Doors equipped with these door closers can be easily opened even by gentle force and close quietly and properly at a favorite speed.



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