Floor Spring


Japan“Diamond” Floor Spring

Diamond floor spring is versatile and is the most economical ones among all other products in the same line.


  • Strengthen by metal reinforcement on both sides to resist deforming.
  • Adopt double deck design to ensure easy adjustment, good waterproof ability and life span. It is a reliable high-end product. It processes high cost-performance ratio that makes it especially suitable for being widely used in construction of high-end building.
  • The shaft sides of the floor spring is equipped with anti-rising devise as to ensure the door position will stay constant despite long period of use.
  • The center of the shaft has been fitted by a patented anti-leaking system to prevent oil from leaking.
  • Applicable to: DT-22N:950MM*2100MM*110kg,DT-21N:800mm*1800*70kg
  • Remain still perfect under 500 thousand times of wearing test.
  • Passed the national industrial and UL test.
  • Suitable for wood, steel, aluminum, plastic steel, tempered glass and many other doors of different weigh.



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